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About Topskate

TOPSKATE was founded in 2016, with the aim of being able to deliver the best of the best to skaters of all ages and levels. With roots in the speed skating community, the team at TOPSKATE has competed at the highest level in the sport - from Europe and World Championships to the Olympic Games. We have a burning passion for the thrill of experiencing the world on wheels or blades - which is something we like to help others experience. 

At TOPSKATE, we are 100% skater-owned and take pride in providing personal and professional advice on products and equipment so that everyone can perform their best. For us, it is important that our customers get an authentic customer experience and that they see TOPSKATE as a credible partner. Our mission is to create an open community for everyone who wants to experience the freedom and joy of rollerblading.

TOPSKATE is for skaters, by skaters! 

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