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Junk Road Reaper

Junk Road Reaper was created in pursuit of ultimate speed. This wheel is the fastest on earth, holding the 100m world record set by Ioseba Fernandez in July 2018, at the Inline Speed Skating World Championships in The Netherlands. Junk Road Reaper shares the same proven innovation of our patented MTech® Soft Heart, Hard Body™ Technology, which combines a soft inner ring with harder outer urethane. This ingenuous combination allows wheel flexing for grip, as well as durable wheels that last longer and roll better. Read more about MTech®. Compared to MPC’s Black Magic, the Junk Road Reaper has a smaller, much stiffer, and heavier hub, which also meets the urethane at a flat angle. These features make the most responsive wheel ever made by MPC, giving the skater more confidence in corners and technical courses. Our efficient MTech® technology combined with the weight of the wheel also helps maintain speed – once you get them moving, they roll better and conserve energy for the skater. If we look deeper into its core, the wheel has a longer inner ring, which gives it a larger footprint, greater rebound, adds to greater maneuverability, and greater explosiveness off the start line, making it the fastest wheel on earth.

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